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Keeping Track of Your Travels

Once you start traveling frequently, keeping track of your travels becomes more and more important. I've tried anything from scratch maps to mobile apps to mark off the places I've visited but nothing has made me quite as satisfied as a push pin travel map.

I recently got this beautiful map from Pin Adventure Map and started putting in the pins on all the destinations I've visited.
The visualization of the places I've been makes me so happy to look at whenever I walk by the map and a side bonus is that it's a great conversation starter when other people see it too.

The maps from Pin Adventure Map are fully customizable which means you can design your own and choose anything from the colors of the map and pins to the font and text at the bottom.
This makes it a perfect gift for your travel-loving friend or family member, or just for yourself to keep track of your travels.
I got the canvas, so it would hang nicely on my wall, but you can order both posters and framed maps too.

All maps come with 90 free pins, so you can start tracking and planning your trips. A good tip is to order different colors, so you can differentiate between the places you want to go and the places you have already been.
If you love planning trips as much as I do, you know how nice it is to visualize the trip you have planned and show it off to your friends and family.

One of my favorite things about the specific map is that even the small destinations are visible, which makes it possible to mark those smaller places too (I'm thinking of you Fiji ;D)

The only problem with visualizing all your travels this way is that now the rest of the map seems so empty and I can't wait to explore somewhere new and mark it on the map 🙂

So order your own push pin map from Pin Adventure Map and send me a picture of all the places you've been so far!

"This post was made possible in partnership with Pin Adventure Map.
As always all opinions are my own and I only recommend things I find valuable to my readers."



  1. August 9, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    This Map looks cool! We should definitely have this one in the office! Thanks for sharing!

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